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Test Android with QTP

Test Android with QTP

recently come across a plug-in to QTP that enables to automate tests on Android. The plug-in is used to define the tests and then has code export to QTP, so that the actual work is mainly done in the QTP framework.

We will write more about SeeTest Plugin in the coming weeks, and might even offer exclusive deals for our users. As this plugin uses very advanced image processing automation, it can be adapted to extend QTP abilities in automating SilverLight, Flex, Flash, MFC custom controls, and more.

The pre-requisites for testing Android are:

(1) Rooted Android device

(2) Download the plug-in – called SeeTest (

You can then easily follow the connect instructions.

Once the device is connected, the plug-in works by capturing a screenshot of the application – here the Android screen – and extracting graphical elements that are then used to write the script.


Then extract a graphical element – say the call-log icon – and give it a textual name (in our example "CallLog").


Now you switch to the Script Tab, and can write a command. Simply select a command from the drop down list – such as Click(Element) – and insert the Element name "CallLog".


That's it. You can now run the test by clicking on Play button, see a report by clicking on Report button and – most importantly – export the code to QTP and run the test from within QTP by clicking on Export Code button and copy-paste the code that appears into QTP (see below).


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