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Factors that Leads to a Defective Application

Factors that Leads to a Defective Application

Software developers and testers often question themselves as to why there are bugs and defects in the software. However, if there are no bugs in the software, then there is no need of software testing and testers. This won't be good news for testers.

Take a look at some of the reasons as to why there are bugs and defects in software as mentioned on and by Yash on

1.    Knowledge about the technology

Developers who are ignorant of the various technologies available around are more likely to introduce bugs and other defects in the application. Developers should be well aware about the operating system their application will be deployed on and they should also be well versed in the programming language.

2.    Defective third party tools

Software development requires the use of third party tools that will help a developer in tasks such as programming. However, if these tools are defective, the software that is being developed can also be infected.

3.    Over Trusting their own code

Some developers believe that they don't need to test their own code before sending the application to the testing team to be fully tested. Developers are expected to test every aspect of their code. However, at times they over look this as they feel that they have written a perfect code.

4.    Lack of coding experience

Most of the software glitches today are caused due to bad coding. Sometimes developers can miss some important codes which at the end will create a problem. The use of low quality tools can also lead to various defects in the software.

5.    Lack of  testing

Many testers will not agree with this, however many organizations do perform poor testing or inadequate testing on the application. Thus, some bugs go undetected.

6.    Lack of interests in Learning

Developers are expected to update themselves with regards to any changes in the industry. If they don't keep themselves up to date they might miss on some important updates such as a new technologies that will help them develop an application.

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