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Fwd: IImportance of ERP testing

It is important for ERP software to undergo ERP testing to remove any complications after it is implemented. However, the implementation of ERP software involves a lot of complex changes to the business processes as well as involving a huge cost, time and effort.

The success of the implementation highly depends on the co-operation of the employees in the organization. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why ERP testing is important as mentioned by Judith Thomas, President of The TM Group on

Can You Distinguish between a Bug and an Unplanned Application: When the deadline is looming, you may only have time to identify genuine software defects and the problems in development which cause user discomfort and are not major glitches go unreported. The entire purpose of a software development cycle is to make an optimum software product. When it comes to ERP, there are important business objectives to be considered; only a user friendly software package will increase adoptability on a large scale.

During the upgrade, ensure that you are aware of the list of open items: Before going live, it is essential that all the defects are fixed. In case there are too many defects to be fixed before a release, it is quite possible that some of the issues raised will be fixed only before the next upgrade.

A Test plan is important: A test plan is important as it will provide the user with vital information such as what they should look for, what has to be entered, what can be posted and others. A proper test plan will facilitate better results which will in turn make the implementation of the ERP software easy.

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