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Common Challenges Faced by Testers in the Agile Methodology

Common Challenges Faced by Testers in the Agile Methodology

Bangalore: With the growing complexity of software development, many software development firms are slowly adopting the agile methodology to overcome the various challenges of waterfall. Using the agile methodology, testing teams are able to bring down the time taken to test a product, easily make last minute changes and ensures that at the end of any of the testing stage, the product is ready for release.

However, the shift from waterfall to agile methodology has an impact on the testing teams. The differences between these two methodologies pose many challenges to the testers.   Take a look at some of the challenges of agile testing.

1.    Lack of documentation
The lack of appropriate documentation is one of the biggest challenges faced by testers. Without proper documentation, testers cannot validate the results with the developers or whether the application is functioning as expected.

2.    Find the hidden bugs
Before sending the application or the product to the testing teams, developers are expected to unit test the application. However, when developers perform inadequate unit testing on the application, it is left to the testers to find the bugs that went unnoticed. Considering the testing deadline, finding the bugs is indeed a challenging task for most of the testers.

3.    Broken Code
Another major challenge faced by testers are the codes accidentally broken due to frequent builds. Codes are changed and compiled on a daily basis and there are high chances for the codes to break.

4.    Performance Problems
As the complexity of the software increases, the more problems it will have with regards to its performance. As its complexity increases, a developer would need to add more lines of code. While adding the extra codes, if the developer doesn't focus on the impact of the changes on the en-user, it can introduce some performance issues which can ruin the end- user experience.

5.    Last minute changes
Although agile testing welcomes last minute changes to the application, however, at times it becomes difficult for the testers to accommodate the changes, especially with the deadline approaching.

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