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Interview Question on Mobile Application Testing

Inter­view Ques­tions on Mobile Appli­ca­tion Test­ing!!!well I know very well, many of you must have been in search of thisthing since so long.Starting from a begin­ner in this domain to an expert, every­one  is very keen to know what are the dif­fer­ent ques­tion they may come across  in there interview.Here in my post I have shared some inter­view ques­tions which me or my friends have come across in there inter­views for the post of Mobile Soft­ware Testers.I hope this will help you:-

  1. What is the dif­fer­ence between Mobile Test­ing and Mobile Appli­ca­tion Testing ?
  2. What is your approach while Test­ing Mobile Applications?
  3. Have you ever writ­ten a Test Plan?What are the things spe­cific to Mobile Appli­ca­tion would you empha­sis on while writ­ing test plan for Mobile Applications?
  4. Do you know Facebook?Tell me what are the High level test cases for Face­book Web Appli­ca­tion and for Face­book Mobile Application?
  5. Can you please let me know,the devices you have worked upon?
  6. Test­ing of Mobile Appli­ca­tion on Emulators.Can you let me know your view?
  7. Have you ever worked on any automa­tion tool for Test­ing Mobile Application?
  8. Please tell me about your project.What kind of Mobile Appli­ca­tions have you worked upon?
  9. Do you have Idea about Mobile Oper­at­ing Systems?
  10. Black­berry Devices have which Oper­at­ing system?
  11. What is cur­rent iOS (iphone OS) version?
  12. You have two cases. 1st you can not dis­con­nect your call and 2nd you can not send SMS from your devices.Tell me Sever­ity and Pri­or­ity in both the cases?
  13. What are dif­fer­ent Mobile Platforms/OS?
  14. What are the dif­fer­ent way you can install a Mobile Application?
  15. Have you ever worked on Device Anywhere?Do you have expe­ri­ence of work­ing on it?
  16. Do you have Idea about appli­ca­tion cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gram like True Brew Testing(TBT),Symbian Signed Test Criteria,Java Ver­i­fied Program?
  17. See this application(Interviewer is given a Hand­set with a Mobile Appli­ca­tion installed).Tell me what are the bugs in this Mobile application/Game.?
  18. Have you ever worked on LBS Application ?
  19. How will you test a Loca­tion Based Mobile Application?
  20. How will you per­form Per­for­mance Test­ing for a Mobile Application?

Some mobile handset,messaging related, GPS related questions:-

  1. Can you name some per­for­mance test­ing tool.
  2. Can you explain some file for­mat for mul­ti­me­dia test­ing (audio and video)
  3. How to write blue­tooth the test case for stress, give me 20 example.
  4. Explain the WAP pro­to­col stack.
  5. Explain the type of test­ing you have done in mobile appli­ca­tion testing.
  6. How basic phone is dif­fer­ent from smart phone in test­ing perspective
  7. Which android ver­sion you tested ?
  8. Write few sce­nar­ios for any fea­ture in a mobile phone other than browser.
  9. Do you know about android?
  10. Explain the Archi­tec­ture of android
  11. Load Test­ing on Mobile and Web application.
  12. Test con­di­tions for touch screen mobiles(landscape and portrait).
  13. Explain about the mobile appli­ca­tion project that you worked in pre­vi­ous company?
  14. How you did per­for­mance test­ing for mobile appli­ca­tion in your pre­vi­ous organization.
  15. Can you name some per­for­mance test­ing tool. 12 What do you under­stand by Mul­ti­me­dia test­ing in mobile devices.
  16. What is mobile mem­ory leak­age, have you tested that?, which tools have you used.
  17. On which mobile u have tested the browser?
  18. Types of devices tested dur­ing mobile appli­ca­tion testing?
  19. writ­ing high level scenario's for any mobile features(I selected Calling)
  20. Dif­fer­ent types of DRM
  21. What is com­bined delivery?
  22. Is it pos­si­ble to trans­fer seper­ate deliv­ery con­tents to mem­ory card then to other phone?
  23. can we open seper­ate deliv­ery files, if we have rights and con­tents copied from mem­ory card?
  24. what dif­fer­ent types of browser con­tents tested?25.Any idea of SDK?
  25. Any idea of VPN?
  26. Explain the type of test­ing you have done in mobile appli­ca­tion testing.
  27. How GPRS works?
  28. How GPS works internally.
  29. What is GPS how did you tested
  30. About GPS and A-GPS.
  31. Write test cases on Cam­era feature.
  32. That are the mobile plat­forms you worked on?
  33. What is Android and what are the extra fea­tures in Android?
  34. A mobile num­ber con­tains 10 dig­its, which kind of method you fol­low to test a mobile num­ber on a tele­phone keypad?
  35. What is Blue­tooth and how you test them?
  36. what is the exten­sion of android application?
  37. Explain abt tools used in Mobile Hand­set Testing.
  38. How to test SMSMMS and what is Class1, class2 message.
  39. Test cases for Alarm , Set­tings , Media player , Browser , Bluetooth ?
  40. On which mobile u have tested the browser?
  41. What all the GSM mobile you have tested?
  42. Bug Track­ing Tool – JIRA
  43. What are the BT pro­files, give some examples.
  44. What BT pro­files sup­ported in Froyo and not sup­ported in Eclairs.
  45. What is the MMS size and is it net­work dependent ?
  46. Lat­est ver­sion of OMA DRM
  47. when mes­sage with 500 char­ac­ter sent what happens
  48. Write any five test cases for Mes­sag­ing Subsystem?
  49. What kind of mobile appli­ca­tion i have tested?
  50. What do you under­stand by Mul­ti­me­dia test­ing in mobile devices.

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