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Important Tips on Android Usability Testing

Important Tips on Android Usability Testing

Usability testing is one of the most important tasks of a tester before launching a mobile application to the market. Testers as well as developers should focus on this type of testing right from the time they start developing the application.

Usability for mobile applications is different from web applications. Jakob Nielsen explains how mobile testing firms can conduct usability testing on applications without financially affecting the firm. "The main thing I recommend is to study your actual users: invite a handful of representative customers to your location and run them through simple usability studies of your software. One day in the lab is worth a year in university lecture halls, in terms of actionable lessons learned. (And remember that your "usability lab" can be a regular office or conference room — as long as you shut the door.)," as reported by Mike Brown on

InfoGraphic Design Team designed an infographic to highlight some important tips on Android Usability Testing.  

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