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3 Tips to Deal with the Challenges of Mobile Device Testing

3 Tips to Deal with the Challenges of Mobile Device Testing

Mobile phones are now part and parcel of our life. They have gobbled every other device to become one of the most important devices and are now as important as our wallets and purses. Various developments in the mobile space are going on at a very fast pace. The end result of all the developments is an explosive growth in the number of smartphones in the market.

However, this growth in the mobile space posed many challenges to testingprofessionals. Matt Johnston of uTest provided testers with some tips to deal with the problems of mobile device testing as mentioned by Jennifer Lent on Let us have a look at some of them.

1.    Place a portion of your testers around the globe
According to Johnston, testers should also be distributed as applications and mobile phone users are located all around the world. Testing companies should analyze the usage statistics to get an idea of where to locate their testers.  From various analyses, testers will also know what needs to be tested and what is nice to test.

2.    Ongoing Testing
It must be remembered that testing is an ongoing process. It is a challenging task for testers to predict a situation in the future with regards to mobile devices. Johnston advised them to focus on testing the important processes the application is interacting with.

3.    Educate Top Management
Testers should educate the top management about where mobile device testing is heading. They must know that it is no longer an afterthought but the main thing, according to Johnston.

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