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What is UFT - Unified Functional Testing ??

What is UFT - Unified Functional Testing ??

HP is now selling a new tool license called UFT which is nothing but QTP 11.0 (for GUI testing) and Service test (for non GUI testing) under one umbrella.

If you try to download the tool from HP's website you would be downloading nothing but QTP 11.0!!
They also have a website which is "" which is under construction :-)

You can download their brochure about the tool from here , which says that they are targeting at multiple layers of an application from one single place.

Layers of Application are 
  1. Business Process Testing
  2. Application level / GUI testing
  3. Headless layer / Web services testing / Java/JMS or .NET API
Hope this tool is much more than a gimmick by HP to sell a new license..

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I was having a chat with my friend who is a beginner in testing. He was sharing his problem with me on how to initiate testing. Although there are many books and articles on theories and concepts of testing but there is no help or information available on how to start testing and how a tester should proceed with the same. This is one excellent article you put together.

also if you do not mind here is another article which talks about the basic steps of functional testing:

Basic steps of Functional Testing

Hope this will also help.


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