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Step Name

Step Description/Action

Expected Result


1. Approve the document by Manager

Document is created by an employee and is sent to manager for approval, manager approves the document.


Pre condition: Document is created by employee and sent for manager approval


Test Data: Employee and Manager login ID, Password, Document to be approved

Step 1

Login to the system as Manager

Manager login should be successful



Step 2

Navigate to the document approval screen

Manager document approval screen should display




Step 3

Select the document from the user

Document should be selected for the approval




Step 4

Approve the document

Document should be approved successfully




Step 5

Verify that document status is updated as approved


Document status should be approved



Step 6

Login to the system as Employee

employee login should be successful





Step 7

Navigate to the employee document link


Employee document link should display



Step 8

Verify that document is approved and status is updated with approved


Document status should be approved

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Tee Chess said...

The above test case explained is a good one. You have followed all the rules while designing this test case. Could you please suggest some thumb rules that should be followed while writing a good test case.
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