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Does Quality Assurance Remove Need for Quality Control?

Does Quality Assurance Remove Need for Quality Control?

"If QA (Quality Assurance) is done then why do we need to perform QC (Quality Control)?", this thought may come to our mind some times and looks a valid point too.  This means if we have followed all the pre-defined processes, policies and standards correctly and completely then why do we need to perform a round of QC?

In my opinion QC is required after QA is done. While in 'QA' we define the processes, policies, strategies, establish standards, developing checklists etc. to be used and followed through out the life cycle of a project. And while in QC we follow all those defined processes, standards and policies to make sure that the project has been developed with high quality and at least meets customer's expectations.

QA does not assure quality, rather it creates and ensures the processes are being followed to assure quality. QC does not control quality, rather it measures quality. QC measurement results can be utilized to correct/modify QA processes which can be successfully implemented in new projects as well.

Quality control activities are focused on the deliverable itself. Quality assurance activities are focused on the processes used to create the deliverable. QA and QC are both powerful techniques which can be used to ensure that the deliverables meet high quality expectations of customers.

E.g.: we have to use an Issue tracking system to log the bugs during testing a web application. QA would include defining the standard for adding a bug and what all details should be there in a bug, like summary of the issue, where it is observed, steps to reproduce the bugs, screenshots etc. This is a process to create deliverable 'bug–report'. When a bug is actually added in issue tracking system based on these standards then that bug report is our deliverable.

Now, suppose some time at later stage of project we realize that adding 'probable root cause' to the bug based on tester's analysis would provide some more insight to the Dev team, then we will update our pre-defined process and finally it will be reflected in our bug reports as well. This is how QC gives inputs to QA to further improve the QA.

Following is an example of a real life scenario for QA / QC:

QA Example:

Quality Assurance

Suppose our team has to work on completely new technology for upcoming project. Our team members are new to the technology. So for that we need to create a plan for training the team members in the new technology. Based on our knowledge we need to collect pre-requisites like understanding documents, design of the product along with the documents etc. and share with the team, which would be helpful while working on the new technology and even would be useful for any new comer in the team. This is QA.


QC Example:

Quality Control

Once the training is done how we can make sure that the training was successfully done for all the team members? For this purpose we will have to collect statistics e.g. number of marks the trainees got in each subject and minimum number of marks expected after completing the training. Also we can make sure that everybody has taken training in full by verifying the attendance record of candidates. If the number of marks of candidates are up to the expectations of the trainer/evaluators then we can say that the training is successful otherwise we will have to improve our process in order to deliver high quality training.

Hope this explains the difference between QA and QC.


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