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Software Testing Interview Questions

Software Testing Interview Questions
A software tester should be able explain the questions by applying what he learnt in his organization. These are frequently asked questions that you may likely to face if you attempt to sit for a job change interview.

1. Tell me something about yourself?
2. Tell me about your current project?
3. What is your primary role in your project?
4. What is your daily routine in your office?
5. What is the end to end process that is followed in your project?
6. What is a test plan and who prepares it?
7. How do you make sure that you have understood the entire requirement given by the client?
8. What do you do when you find something wrong in the requirement?
9. What is a traceability matrix, and what is the purpose of it?
10. What do you do when you received a build?
11. What is the difference between retesting and regression?
12. Why do you do sanity and regression and what is the difference?
13. How do you write test cases?
14. How can we test without requirements?
15. How do we know all scenarios are covered in test cases?
16. What is role of a tester in the requirement phase?
17. If the release date is only one day left, how you will test the product in one day?
18. What is the review process that is followed in your project/organisation?
19. What is the test environment and sets in up in your project?
20. How do you report a bug?
21. What is a bug life cycle?
22. What are severity and priority?
23. Who decides severity and priority?
24. How do you know something is a bug?
25. Which is the most important bug you have reported so far? 
26. Tell me an example of high severity but low priority bug?
27. Tell me an example of low severity but high priority bug?
28. What are the test case design techniques that you know?
29. Tell me about boundary value analysis with an example
30. What is equivalence partitioning?
31. How do you reduce the number of test cases?
32. When do you say your product ready for release?
33. What is suspension and resumption criteria in test plan?
34. Which all major fields/information are required when reporting a defect?
35. What is difference between static and dynamic testing?
36. What is the difference between system testing and functional testing?
37. What are Alpha and Beta testing?
38. What are verification and validation?
39. What is monkey testing and why it is necessary?
40. What is pesticide paradox?
41. If you report a bug, and developer says that this is not a bug, how would you handle such situation?
42. What is performance testing?
43. What is the difference between load and stress testing?
44. What is gorilla testing?
45. How many types of integration testing strategies are there?
46. What are stubs and drivers in integration testing?
47. When can we go for automation testing?
48. What is parameterization in automation testing?
49. What is correlation in performance testing?
50. How do you perform installation testing?
51. What is usability testing?
52. What are virtual users in performance testing?
53. How does system testing differ from integration testing?
54. What are CMMI levels?
55. What is the difference between inspection and walkthrough?
56. What are the code coverage tools?
57. What are Testing Effectiveness (TE) and Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE)?
58. Who are PQA, DPA and CC in a project?
59. Can automation replace manual testing and manual testing replace automation testing?
60. What is defect masking?
61. Which Estimation Model is used for your project work?
62. Who assigns work in your project and how?
63. Why do you want to change your job?
64. Do you have any problem in working late nights or on weekends?

65. Do you have any experience in managing a software testing project?

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