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Software Testing Standards

Software Testing Standards

ISO - International Organization for Standardization (1947)
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (1963)
IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission (1906)
BS (BSI) - British Standards (1901)
CMMI- Capability Maturity Model Integration
1) IEEE 610.12-1990
IEEE Standard Glossary of Software Engineering Terminology

2) IEEE 829-1998
IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation
The Types of Document:
There are eight document types in the IEEE 829 standard, which can be used in three distinct phases of software testing:
Preparation of Tests
Test Plan: Plan how the testing will proceed.
Test Design Specification: Decide what needs to be tested.
Test Case Specification: Create the tests to be run.
Test Procedure: Describe how the tests are run.
Test Item Transmittal Report: Specify the items released for testing.
Running the Tests
Test Log: Record the details of tests in time order.
Test Incident Report: Record details of events that need to be investigated.
Completion of Testing
Test Summary Report: Summarise and evaluate tests.

3) IEEE Standard 1012-1998
IEEE Standard for Software Verification and Validation -Description

4) IEEE Standard 1028-1997
 IEEE Standard for Software Reviews -Description

5) IEEE 1008
IEEE Standard for Software Unit Testing

6) IEEE 1044-1993
IEEE Standard Classification for Software Anomalies  
7) IEEE 1219-1998
Standard for Software Maintenance
8) ISO/IEC 9126-1:2001
(Software engineering – Software product quality- part 1)
Support for review, verification and validation, and a framework for quantitative quality evaluation, in the support process;
 Support for setting organisational quality goals in the management process.

9) ISO/IEC 12207:2008
Systems and software engineering -- Software life cycle processes

10) ISO/IEC 14598-1:1999
Information technology -- Software product evaluation

11) ISO/IEC 2382-1:1993
Data Processing -- Vocabulary -- Part 1: Fundamental terms

12) ISO 9000:2000
Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary

13) BS 7925-2:1998
Software testing, Software component testing
(This standard defines the process for software component testing using specified test case design and measurement techniques. This will enable users of the standard to directly improve the quality of their software testing, and improve the quality of their software products)

14) DO-178B:1992
 – Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment

15) BS7925-1
The British software testing standard governing testing terminology


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